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Surgical treatment of hyperhidrosis of the hands

Operation of the thoracic sympathetic nerve

  When there is no apparent cause for sweaty hands, the sweating of the hands in this type occurs due to overactivity of the sympathetic nervous system, caused mainly by emotional causes including anxiety, nervousness, anger and fear and is called

Sweating in this case (initial)

This type of sweating is different from the secondary type caused by diseases such as hyperthyroidism

This type of sweating is linked to mental illnesses such as social anxiety and tension, and it has very harmful psychological consequences

For the patient, such as introversion and avoidance of social events, even some may avoid marriage 

There is difficulty when doing manual work such as writing and using a computer


Temporary treatment

There are two types of treatment, temporary treatment and permanent treatment

As for the temporary treatment, it is with the dermatologist using lotions and hand creams, Botox needles, whose effect lasts about two months, and iontophoresis treatment.

All these solutions are temporary, and sweating returns as it was after stopping treatment

Permanent treatment

As for the permanent and eternal treatment, it is by endoscopic thoracic surgery on the thoracic sympathetic nerve 

This operation is performed under general anesthesia to cut the sympathetic nerve responsible for excessive sweating by means of two holes under the armpit with a length not exceeding half a centimeter.

The results of this operation are excellent, with a success rate of more than 99 percent

It is a very safe process. 

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