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Rib fractures, symptoms, causes and treatment methods

Rib fractures are common injuries that may occur as a result of accidents or sports injuries. These fractures can be painful and need proper care and treatment to speed up healing and avoid possible complications.

the reasons:

Rib fractures are often caused by direct pressure or force on the chest. It may occur during traffic accidents, extreme sports such as riding a motorcycle, football, boxing and taekwondo, or as a result of a fall from a height.



1.      Pain and sensitivity: The patient experiences pain in the affected chest area, and pressure or deep breathing is painful.

2.      Difficulty breathing: In the case of a severe fracture, this can lead to difficulty breathing due to contracted muscles and broken ribs.

3.      Swelling and bruising: Swelling and bruising may appear in the affected area.


1.      Physical examination: The doctor examines the chest and looks for signs and symptoms of a fracture.

2.      X-rays: X-rays are used to determine the location and type of fracture.

3.      CT or MRI scan: This option may be required if additional complications are suspected.


1.      Providing first aid: This includes providing assistance with breathing and reducing pain.

2.      Using a splint: used to stabilize the ribs and facilitate the healing process.

3.      Medications: Medications may be prescribed to relieve pain and reduce swelling.

4.      Rest and light exercise: Help promote fracture healing and regain strength.

5. The surgical solution is by stabilizing the fractures with metal plates, in cases of severe rib fractures that cause the patient to be unable to breathe and rely on artificial respiration. The surgical solution aims to speed up the patient’s removal from artificial respiration.

Possible complications:

1.      Pneumonia: It may occur as a result of a decreased ability to cough properly due to pain.

2.      Scarring: Some deformities may occur in broken ribs.

3.      Lung Collapse: If the rib cage is severely damaged.


Rib fractures are common injuries that can occur as a result of accidents and sports injuries. People with rib fractures should seek prompt medical care and follow treatment directions to speed up the healing process and avoid potential complications.

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