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Therapeutic Services

specialtyThoracic surgeryIt is the medical specialty concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of diseases affecting the chest and respiratory system by surgical methods, including the lungs, lungs, bronchi, thyroid gland extending behind the sternum, and the thymus gland. diaphragm and pleural membrane

Surgical services for the specialty of thoracic surgery include many procedures, including:

Diagnosis and classification of tumorsthe lungAnd the eradication of malignant tumors, whether by open surgery or by means of binoculars

 Lung tumor surgery: It is an operation to remove malignant and benign tumors fromlungTreatment of benign diseases such as canine cysts, recurrent pneumothorax and emphysema

 repair surgeryBronchiIt is an operation to repair damaged or constricted bronchial tubes.

 removal surgeryThyroidIt is an operation to remove the thyroid gland affected by malignant or benign tumors that extend behind the sternum

 repair surgerythoracic wallIt is an operation to repair the thoracic wall that may be fractured or deformed. 

Treatment of rib fractures resulting from accidents and bruises and their complications such as bleeding, laceration or lung trauma, stabilization of loose fractures by means of metal anchors to limit the use of artificial respirators. Repair of congenital deformities affecting the chest wall using the Nuss Procedure. Excision of malignant tumors and Benign lesions affecting the chest wall

 surgerydiaphragmIt is an operation to repair the diaphragm that may be deformed or separated

Sympathetic or sympathetic nerve surgery to treat hyperhidrosis of the hands, armpits and face

Tumor removalmediastinumMalignant or benign tumors. Surgery to remove thymic tumors: It is an operation to remove malignant or benign thymic tumors

Thymus removal for patients with myasthenia gravis (a disease caused by a defect in the normal communication between nerves and muscles

All diagnostic procedures of the mediastinum using mediastinoscopy techniques

All diagnostic and therapeutic procedures for pleural diseases, i.e. diseases that affectcrystalline membrane, such as purulent inflammation and malignant or benign tumors

opening operationsesophagusThe contraction resulting from the tension of the esophageal muscle by the endoscope

Esophageal tumor removal


- Expanding tracheal stenosis by means of a bronchoscope or balloon technique - Surgical removal of tracheal stenosis

عيادة الدكتور محمد الترشيحي
علاج تعرق اليدين المفرط
استئصال اورام و سرطان الرئة بالمنظار
علاج كسور الاضلاع

Clinical examination and evaluation

Thoracoscopic Resection of lung tumors

استئصال الغدة الزعترية بالمنظار
علاج تقعر الصدر
علاج الاسترواح الرئوي الصدري
تنظير المنصف بواسطة الفيديو
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