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شرا جهاز تفريغ هوائي

Preset devices | Vacuum bell device for the treatment of Pectus excavatum


A vacuum bell device for the treatment of chest concavity ( Pectus Ecavatum) for those who do not wish to undergo surgery, made of high-quality medical silicone .


noteThe distance between the nipples must be measured before completing the purchase:


1. for medium-sized devices (green) The distance between the nipples should be 15 cm or more.


2. For large size devices (blue color), the distance between the nipples should be 17 cm or more.


For assistance in choosing the right size, you can contact the clinic of Dr. Muhammad Al-Tarshihi through WhatsApp via the number 00962779794141

  • Instructions for use

    This product has a very high suction power. Instructions for use should be obtained from a thoracic surgeon

  • Pre-prepared vacuum devices for the treatment of pectus excavatum

    6 pre-set vacuum devices are available, with different sizes, for the treatment of congenital pectus excavatum, made of high quality silicone

    Shipping cost is added to the price of the device

  • Instructions for use

    We provide a free session to meet a consultant in thoracic and thoracic surgery to give instructions for use via video technology

  • manufacturing country

    Türkiye -Ankara


    These devices are tailored to size - it is preferable to contact WhatsApp customer service before purchasing


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