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The thoracic cage protrusion straightening device is prepared in advance

The thoracic cage protrusion straightening device is prepared in advance


A device to correct the protrusion of the thoracic cage, prepared in advance, and available on request according to the size and circumference of the thoracic cage. Suitable for minor to moderate deformities.

There are several types of it: for central or unilateral deformities from the right or unilateral from the left, and it is also possible to install a special straightening device for the flare and protrusion of the lower ribs.

The device is very light and it is possible to wear it under clothes and go to study or work  and movement with it is easy and it is made of light aluminum and is completely covered so that the metal part cannot be seen.

The device is an American industry, the state of California, Bowman Laboratories for the manufacture of orthodontic devices

  • Instructions for use

    This device is used to treat the deformity of the protrusion of the thoracic cage or pectus carinatum, and it must be prescribed by a doctor specializing in thoracic and thoracic surgery.

    The device is worn for a specified number of hours, and it is gradually raised according to the instructions of the doctor supervising the case until it reaches a natural chest shape, where it is lowered after a number of hours of wearing the device.

    The assumed treatment duration is two years

    This type of high-quality device is American made, light and very suitable, especially for children

  • How to choose the right device for your case!

    We advise you to communicate via WhatsApp via messages with the clinic’s number +9962779794141, and expert technicians in this field will help you for free, they will ask you for pictures and some sizes, and then give you advice for the appropriate device

  • follow up

    Follow up, either inside the clinic or online, is included and will be free for one year when you buy the brace

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